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Michael Wilks

Welcome to April!

At the end of March, Bunting’s Marketing Director Michael Wilks retired and concluded his memorable career at Bunting. Having spent 23 years with the company, Michael has been a core member of the management team, overseeing a prestigious period of sales growth and company acquisition. Please join us all in raising a glass to Mike…


Welcome to March!

The manufacturing market has faced several challenges in recent years due to geopolitical uncertainty, supply chain disruptions, changing consumer preferences, and increasing regulatory scrutiny. However, several positive factors, such as rising global demand, ongoing technological advancements, and increasing investment in automation and digitalisation, continue to influence the market, and the outlook for manufacturing remains positive.…

Manager industrial Engineer using tablet check and control automation robot arms machine in intelligent factory industrial over system on virtual interface screen, Industry 4.0 concept

Welcome to February!

As 2024 kicks off with a flurry of activity, Canmaking News looked ahead and invited industry experts to provide their thoughts on the trends they think the industry will see in the coming months. Consumers are undoubtedly changing their spending habits. High inflation and economic uncertainty has created a feeling of uncertainty throughout the world…


Welcome to January!

A happy New year to you all as we enter 2024, I can hardly believe I’m saying those words! Recycling remains a key theme of the last 12 months with companies embracing new technologies and strategies designed to help them meet ambitious climate goals. The metal packaging sector is undoubtedly, an important cog in the…


Welcome to December!

Among the many traditions that have sprung up to accompany the Advent season over the years (the Christmas tree, wreaths etc), one of the simplest and most popular is the Advent calendar. Instead of strictly following the four-week Advent period, which can start anywhere from November 27 to December 3, an Advent calendar typically begins…

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BAMA Conference Cheshire

Welcome to November!

As we gear up for Christmas, we’re keeping a keen eye on the marketing campaigns coming out from our favourite retailers. Most notably, the advent calendars. Stay tuned for a full report on the Christmas gimmicks we think hold their weight. On 11th and 12th October 2023, Canmaking News returned to the picturesque Cheshire countryside for the…


Welcome to October!

We were thrilled to return to the IMDPA (International Metal Decorating and Packaging Association) Annual Conference, which this year took place on September 26-28 in Itasca, Illinois, USA. Day one opened with the keynote speech from Gus Reall, CEO of Stolle Machinery, discussing Substrate v Sustainability, stating that “there is no alternative to the metal…


Welcome to September!

As we go into September we’re preparing ourselves for yet another busy autumn. First up is the annual IMDPA conference in Chicago. A highlight of the events calendar, we’re so looking forward to catching up with you all after the summer and of course, to playing a couple of rounds of golf! In our 16th…


Welcome to August!

What a wash out! No we’re not talking about our industry but the traditional English Summer seems to have been and gone. We brits are obsessed with talking about the weather, particularly when its not been very good so keep your fingers crossed for us and our sanity! In other news, we had a great…


Welcome to July!

We’re firmly entering the summer months now filled with outdoor festivals and holidays to far flung places. We’re currently in Rock, Cornwall – home of Sharps Brewery and everywhere we turn we’re seeing canned cocktails, new and exciting beers as well as these fantastic aluminum cups made by Envirocup, a company who say they are…

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