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As 2024 kicks off with a flurry of activity, Canmaking News looked ahead and invited industry experts to provide their thoughts on the trends they think the industry will see in the coming months. Consumers are undoubtedly changing their spending habits. High inflation and economic uncertainty has created a feeling of uncertainty throughout the world and there’s no question that we are buying less. That being said, sustainability remains high on the list of criteria for consumers and is certainly a consideration at the point of purchase which is why our industry continues to see high levels of growth. Find out more here.

Canmaking News were thrilled to attend Paris Packaging Week and the prestigious ADF awards in January. In a fitting end to a bumper two days at Paris Expo Port de Versailles, the jury presiding over handed out 6 awards and 6 certificates in total in celebration of the world’s best innovations across perfume, cosmetics, personal care, premium drinks, aerosols and dispensing systems. The 19-strong ADF Innovation Awards jury, which included representatives from the likes of L’Oréal, Unilever International, Procter & Gamble, Henkel and Coty, decided to make six awards and issue six certificates in celebration of the best innovations and launches in the past year in the global market for aerosol and dispensing technology. Find out who the winners were here.

Our fantastic features writer Zoe Fryday explored the ways AI is shaping the canmaking industry. Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an omnipresent force in modern society. Its applications span a spectrum of advancements – from the convenience of voice-activated personal assistants to the transformative potential of autonomous vehicles, healthcare diagnostics and complex algorithms steering financial markets. As AI and machine learning progress, the very fabric of our existence undergoes a dynamic shift, reshaping the landscape of how we live, work and engage with the world around us. Read more here.

You’ve been busy:

Wild Goose Filling has released their Spirit line of canning machines. Spirit canning systems allow distilleries to package carbonated cocktails, still liquor and other high-proof and ready-to-drink beverages. The line of distillery-focused equipment includes two new fully automated Wild Goose canning systems: the Gosling Spirit TM and the Evolution Series Spirit TM. With growing supply of the single-serving 100 millilitre steel can format as well as improved availability of all sizes of aluminium cans, the Spirit line opens new opportunities for craft distilleries. Read more here.

Novelis Inc has signed a new contract with Ardagh Metal Packaging USA Corp., under which the former would supply aluminium beverage packaging sheet to Ardagh’s production facilities in North America. This is the third major contract signed by Novelis in less than seven months for the beverage packaging market in North America indicating that the beverage packaging market is growing ever stronger in North America. Find out more here.

On the back of a £1million investment, the founder of anti-plastic campaigning soda brand GUNNA Drinks, has launched a brand new aluminium bottling facility near Leicester. The 8,000 sq ft site is the first in the UK and Europe with the capabilities to bottle drinks in aluminium beyond water and, as well as bottling GUNNA’s own lemonades, will also offer white label aluminium bottling to the broader industry. This move comes in line with the booming aluminium bottle market in the US, as seen via brands such as PepsiCo’s Proud Source Water. Tp hear more about the launch, click here.


We’re looking ahead now to shows and meetings for next year and can’t wait to see you all again. For now, we wish you a happy and healthy 2024!


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