CDsCanmaking News is the leading metal packaging online magazine brought to you by JayMac International for the Canmaking Industry. Canmaking News is available online 24/7 with regular updates daily, weekly and monthly. It is available to the Canmakers, Suppliers and Fillers worldwide by subscription only which can be applied for online through: or from the contact details below.

Canmaking News contains news, views and the latest information about the Metal Packaging Industry. We will inform you about the latest exhibitions and conferences. All this is available through your PC 24 hours a day, we can update within minutes. When travelling Canmaking News will be part of your journey and will help to keep you informed.

There are many exciting editorial opportunities for example Business Spotlight is a section for you to submit your own article to be published. This is a company overview for the industry. We have a World News and News in Brief  section so please send us your latest news so that we can include your company news. Also, don't forget? if you have a query or need a certain piece of equipment make the most of our Message Forum and post your notices to: We also have an Events section to keep you informed of the latest exhibitions and conferences in the industry. We are media partners with Metpack, Latincan and GulfCan.

Canmaking News also has many advertising opportunities. As well as our very popular banner advertising which allows readers a direct link to their company website we also have the Suppliers Directory which is a quick and easy way to find suppliers equipment and address details. Also, please ask our sales department about our Sponsorship packages which are tailored to suit your needs. Our aim is to increase awareness within the industry, through the global accessibility that Canmaking News can offer. We want to help you sell your products, so please make sure you use our advertising resources. Our Company Focus is a great way in which editorial and advertising work together and this is available for every issue.

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Janis Osborn

Janis Osborn, Publisher - Canmaking News

From a recent report from The Newspaper Association of America, online newspapers drew an average of 57 million visitors a month last quarter marking an increase of 24% Web users are also viewing more pages and spending more time reading online. Last quarter people viewed an average of 47 pages a month and spent 42 minutes a month on online material. We have put together the three main reasons why you should read and advertise in Canmaking News:

1. Reach a wider audience

Our main reason is based on the global reach that the web provides. Traditional print publications work hard to develop and build their mailing lists, often targeting particular segments of their market to raise awareness and ultimately gain more subscribers. By adding an online edition into the mix allows publishers to access instantly and reach new readers.

The mere presence of a publication online allows readers to stumble across it through search listing or from a referral from a colleague. It does provide an opportunity to interact with new readers in a way that is not possible in traditional print publishing.

2. Maximise the value of your content and keep up to date

One of the many benefits of online publishing is the way that website content can be catalogued, archived and cross referenced with ease and updated instantly. In fact to successfully navigate any website its content needs to be structured correctly. This structure allows publishers to gain revenue from their digital catalogue in a way that is very difficult in tradition publishing.

A six month old article might be referenced to in a print magazine. An excerpt may be pulled or a simple reference to the page and issue number it appeared on could be listed. It is a cumbersome way to tie together old content with new and may not actually provide any real value to the reader who doesn't have the back issue.

Online it's a different story: with articles correctly referenced and archived it is possible for new articles to be linked to any historic content and accessed with one click. Online it is possible to present the content catalogued according to issue, topic, author or tags: just about any reference you wish.

In doing so publishers are able to actively gain revenue from their historic content.

3. Develop an online community - Instantly

Magazines and newspapers online allow publishers to get closer to their readers. Interaction with readers through article comments, forums, surveys or polls and creates a new dimension to any online publication.

The nature of reader comments provides invaluable content that in turn has the potential to drive more new readers and help provide more exposure in search listings. An active online community also provides publishers with an opportunity to sell on other products, services or events.

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