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Canmaking News is the leading metal packaging online magazine brought to you by McRitchie Media for the Canmaking industry. Canmaking News is available online 24/7 with regular updates. We send out a news alert each week to remind you of our latest news online. It is available to the Canmakers, Suppliers and Fillers worldwide. It is free to subscribe and this can be applied for by using the online facility.

Canmaking News contains news, views and the latest information about the Metal Packaging industry. We will inform you about the latest exhibitions and conferences. All this is available through your PC 24 hours a day, we can update within minutes. When travelling, Canmaking News will be part of your journey and will help to keep you informed.

There are many exciting editorial opportunities, for example the Company Focus is a section for you to submit your own article to be published about your company with key contacts. As well as  a comprehensive News section we also have a Suppliers’ Message Centre. Here Suppliers can ask to post their latest company generic comment. The Events section at the moment is a diary of the global exhibitions and conferences that take place for our industry. At the moment these are postponed due to Covid-19, however we have dates for next year and we can also offer your own company WebCon in the form of a virtual conference online. This will be produced by us and is the new method of spreading the word without travel.

Canmaking News also has many Advertising opportunities. As well as our very popular banner advertising, which allows readers a direct link to their company website, we also have the Suppliers Directory, which is a quick and easy reference centre of suppliers equipment and address details. Also, please ask our sales department about our sponsorship packages which are tailored to suit your needs. Our aim is to increase awareness within the industry, through the global accessibility that Canmaking News can offer. We want to help you sell your products, so please make sure you use our advertising resources.

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The Best of Canmaking News

We publish a printed annual in the first quarter of each year ‘The Best of Canmaking News’ which will be mailed out to our users. It will also be available as a pdf online. This is a great way to remind you about the news and events that took place in the previous year. We mail the annual to our database and provide an online PDF. Use this opportunity through Canmaking News to promote your business and to send your message and news to colleagues.

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