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Join the Canmaking News team with special guests for an informative casual conversation. The podcast brings you the foremost market leaders from all areas of the canmaking and metal packaging world, as well as business trade to talk about our industry, the future, and even the more personal side of the Canmaking News market.

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Episode 18

The latest episode of Canmaking News in conversation is now online.

We chat to Josh Brooks events Director of Paris Packaging week which takes place in January 2024.  We discuss aerosols, the latest trends and how the younger generation play such an important role within the sector.

Episode 17

Welcome to the 17th episode of Canmaking News in Conversation with Mark Smyth, founder of  MS Can Solutions, packaging consultants for the industry.

We chat to Mark about his 40-year career in the packaging industry and find out about the global can market with interesting insights into Australasia. Mark’s book ‘The Future of Metal Packaging and Coatings to  2029’ will be published early 2024.

Episode 16

Welcome to the 16th Episode of Canmaking News in Conversation. We chat to Joseph McEachern, President of TD Wright about Magnetic Cylinders, how he took over the company for his father and not to mention his Circus Performing!

Episode 15

We are delighted to welcome  Mach4Food for the 15th episode of Canmaking News in Conversation.

We chat to Raul and Rawy Baranco who are not only successful ‘sparring’ partners as father and son but also share with us an insight into their second-hand canmaking machinery business.

Episode 14

Welcome to the 14th Episode of Canmaking News in Conversation.

In this episode Janis Osborn, Publisher of Canmaking News chats to David Racino, Co-founder and CEO of American Canning. We find out how this successful business began and became the success it is today.

Episode 13

Welcome to the 13th episode of Canmaking News in Conversation with Robert Bunting Jnr who is the third generation President and CEO of Bunting Magnetics.

We chat about this successful family run business and how Bunting has become a major global supplier of magnetics for the Canmaking Industry. Robert also let's us into a few of his secrets...listen well!

Episode 12

Welcome to the 12th Episode of Canmaking News in Conversation.

Tom Giddings from Alupro chats to Janis Osborn about their latest projects, waste and recycling responsibly.

Episode 11

Welcome to the 11th Podcast for Canmaking News featuring  Robert Fell, the Director and Chief Executive of the Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association.

We discuss the MPMA,  the advantages of the can, waste, the carbon footprint, and in other words: Responsible Packaging.

Episode 10

Welcome to the tenth episode of Canmaking News In Conversation with Christina Kleinpass the Project Manager for Messe Essen, the global exhibition centre.

We talk about the upcoming exhibition Metpack, which takes place on the 2nd to 6th May in Essen, Germany. It’s a great listen!

Episode 9

Welcome to the ninth episode of Canmaking News In Conversation with Mark Williams from CPM Packaging.

Mark provides an insight into the company including how he spent a night locked in a bar..and his high flying adventures!

Episode 8

Welcome to the eighth episode of Canmaking News In Conversation with Ruben Robles, Vice President for Global Business Development for Belvac.

We chat about Belvac’s beginnings and secrets for the future. Ruben also tells us about his work ethics and disciplines which helps to develop his continued success.

Episode 7

Welcome to the seventh episode of Canmaking News In Conversation. Doug Newman from Decotech, talks passionately about himself, the industry and shares a green secret.

Episode 6

Welcome to the sixth episode of Canmaking News In Conversation. Danilo Maugeri, Product Manager for Isra Vision, talks about the present and future with Janis Osborn from Canmaking News.

Episode 5

Welcome to the fifth episode of Canmaking News In Conversation. Canmaking News chats to John Hrdlick, President and CEO of INX International, about all things successful and the way forward.

Episode 4

Welcome to the fourth episode of Canmaking News in Conversation with Rául Martinez, Director of Latamcan.  We chat about the conference that took place in Mexico City recently – and how it worked well considering the challenges.

Episode 3

Hello and welcome to episode three of Canmaking News in Conversation – today we are talking to Chris McKenzie the Chief Marketing and Chief Operating Officer of the SLAC Group.

Episode 2

Welcome to the second session of Canmaking News in conversation. We chat to Simon Jennings from Nomis Consultancy. The topic is aluminium v plastic and sustainability. Enjoy the podcast!

Episode 1

We are thrilled to be joined by Rául Martinez, Director of Latamcan, for our inaugural Canmaking News In Conversation podcast. Join us as we talk about this year's event and how technology will bring events to more people worldwide, as well as the future of the industry post-pandemic. Latamcan is the leading Latin American canmakers conference – the meeting point between technology and canmakers.

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