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Hello and welcome to May!

It’s May already! Can you believe it? As we head into the warmer months, there is positivity in the air. And we certainly need it. So far, 2022 has proved tumultuous; the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine is devastating, energy costs are hitting record highs and society is slowly recovering from the effects of the…


Hello and welcome to April!

And just like that, we’re right into the second quarter of 2022. We’re not sure where the time has gone and when speaking to some of you in the industry, it seems as if the sentiment is echoed right across the globe. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has escalated beyond a point any of us could…


Hello and welcome to March!

The days are finally getting longer and the weather (which we brits are obsessed with) is getting somewhat better. The industry continues on its strong momentum as evidenced by the impressive year end results released in February. This was of no surprise given the great reports we’re hearing from you all however as ever, it’s…

Yellow Metal Aluminium Beverage Drink Can With Water droplets for valentine day

Welcome to February!

After what seems like weeks and weeks, we’re finally into February and thank goodness because January really seemed to drag this year! February is the month of love with Valentines Day coming up on the 14th. With the world opening up though and Covid restrictions all but disappearing hopefully this year we can manage a…


Welcome to December!

We can’t quite believe that it’s December already, the last 11 months really have flown by and it almost feels as if we’re not quite ready for the festive period (especially in the UK where the sun is in short supply!). That being said, there are exciting things on the horizon, with more podcasts and…


Welcome to November!

Well, what a month it’s been! Whilst sadly, we were unable to attend Latamcan or the IMDPA this year, we were fortunate enough to attend the BAMA awards in Chester in October. Kindly invited by Ball, it was fantastic to catch up with our new and old friends in the industry. The Aerosol Packaging award…


Welcome to October!

Autumn or Fall, depending which side of the pond you’re on, has well and truly landed and with it comes some excellent shows. Latamcan took place at the end of September and although we were unable to attend this year, those of you that attended have said how wonderful it felt for things to feel…

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Important Announcement/Anuncio Importante – Latamcan

Latamcan, Mexico 2021 Canmaking News, proud sponsors of Latamcan since 2003, are sadly unable to attend this year’s show. This decision has been taken out of our hands as the UK Government has placed Mexico on the ‘Red List’. As you can imagine we are all devastated, especially as this is the first time that we will not be attending…


Welcome to September!

The British are famous for their love of talking about the weather and it really has been one of the worst August’s on record over here. Thank goodness there seems to be a bit of sunshine on the horizon, we’re all keeping our fingers crossed for an Indian summer!   In the news Companies that…


Welcome to August!

After 18 months of uncertainty, things in the UK have finally returned back to normal and we couldn’t be happier about it! We brits are often accused of being obsessed with the weather but it really has been abysmal over the last few weeks. Let’s hope we have a late summer and those pub gardens…

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