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Welcome to March

‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’ or is it? ‘March Madness’ usually refers to the NCAA Basketball tournament in the USA, however over at Canmaking News ‘March Madness’ seems to refer to the extraordinary amount of news and updates that we are being sent by our readers and sponsors. February was a record month…


Welcome to February

Hello all. I’m very happy to be addressing you after what feels like quite a long January (and even longer for those who’ve been adhering to the rules of ‘Dry January!’). Now that we’re fully into the stride of 2021, we can more fully take stock of the year ahead and address what planning can…

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Happy New Year!

Hello readers.  Well, here we are. After what will have been for most (responsible!) folk a very subdued New Year’s Eve celebration, we have arrived at 2021. But we should acknowledge that there are readers of this who will have been close to those who saw in the New Year with us twelve months ago,…


Hope for the New Year

Well readers, winter is coming, and we have almost reached year’s end with 2021 just visible on the horizon. For many of us this will be have been the most challenging year we’ll have faced yet, but as ever, we are all adaptable to new realities, and focus on the future and new possibilities drives…


Autumn is here – and a new lockdown?

As the nights get longer (here in rainy England, at least), and with new COVID-19 related restrictions many of us thought were behind us, it’s important to focus on the positive news from our industry, in many ways thriving in spite of the continued global crisis. Despite some disappointments, such as the announcement of Metpack…


Welcome to October

Is October tinged with monotony or should we step out of the box and embrace new beginnings?  It’s easy to avoid change but without change there is no progress. Canmaking News is here to help with the new world we find ourselves in. In this issue we’ve included a feature from the company Research and Markets, Dublin, Ireland. They…


Back to school we go!

We’re not sure where this year has gone (although the sooner it’s over the better in our opinion!), but now that September is here, we can now claim that uplifting back to school feeling! Offices are opening, life is returning (mostly) to the ‘new’ normal and our favourite season is coming, Autumn (or Fall, depending…


Your Industry in one place

Welcome to August….Eight months ago none of us could have predicted that we’d be where we are today in this so-called ‘new normal’. In the UK, day-to-day life is almost back to pre covid-19, with most pubs, restaurants and shops now re-opened. This is great news for the industry. Cans are simply booming, they are…


Time for a restart

With shops and bars starting to slowly reopen on this side of the pond, we seem to be heading into our new normal, a situation that may take some time to adjust to. But is this new normal that scary? We don’t think so. The beverage can, which celebrates 85 years this year has continued…


Summer In A Can

Welcome to June! It is officially summer and we are hoping you will continue to follow Canmaking News from wherever you were when the lockdown was announced whether that might be home, office, caravan, motorhome or tent! It is encouraging to see new beverage cans on the shelves this season. In particular Marks and Spencer…


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