Message from: SLAC Precision Equipment Co

Date: 26 March 2020

Dateline March 2020,

This year has been a hard one for everyone, The Ides of March as I was brought up to understand has indeed come in like a lion, we can only hope that globally it leaves like a lamb, however, this is not looking likely.

As we look at the situation today globally the COVID-19 is yet to peak in all cases except China where they had theirs in January of this year, as of this week no new deaths have been noted and Hubei province are having all their people return to work, we at SLAC have been blessed to have no incidences of infection of the COVID–19 virus,

I myself in Australia as well as family, friends and colleagues globally have gone into lockdown looking to reduce spatial distancing. It is important that we make this differential, social distancing need not happen, we can all use modern technology to remain socially interactive without face to face meetings, we at SLAC see this as important not only in our social life but in our business life. Daily now we are in contact with each other and our customers by phone (yes that old piece of technology), emails, social media, Video Conferencing and now we look at how we can best support our customers in the field through AI and VR Glasses as a real time interaction.

We have reported many times that SLAC have been working on The Hive Initiative® That is to say we have been helping the industry to move towards using Artificial Intelligence to make what we do in the future when we can’t get personnel in the plants less of a burden – we are moving this up now because unfortunately the future is here, we are adding new tools to monitor and support our customers daily to enact this.

We in our facility in the resort city of Suzhou, known as the Venice of China, only 1 hour from the modern city of Shanghai have all returned to work now for some time, we are at 100% manufacturing capacity with some orders delayed slightly through issues outside of our control:

1. The extended Chinese New Year vacation enacted by the Government, which was effective, obviously caused us some backlogs but we have added extra shifts to make sure we catch up on lost time.
2. We utilize some US and EU suppliers and have seen issues with some of their deliveries, we continue to work through the supply chain to do our best to make decisions that mitigate this.
3. Delivery issues at our customers’ location may be in the next few months problematic as borders close, here in Australia we have closed borders and spatial distancing but the flow of cargo, we hope that this model remains globally, people still need Cans for Food and Beverage.
4. Having gone through these tribulations in the first quarter of the year we to this date have on our books a backlog that equates to over 70% of last year’s total sales, healthy strong and ready for the next 3 quarters with high expectancies for another year of growth even through adversity.

We at SLAC want to reassure you that because of the decisions made in January 2020 in China we are in the enviable position that we can ensure any requests made today will be dealt with quickly and efficiently, orders made today for all SLAC Equipment will be delivered on time. Even in the present crisis in Europe our Engineers have still been embedded in customer locations throughout Europe.

Finally, because we have been lucky to have come through this pandemic and understand the fear that the virus can cause we have reached out to our customers globally and offered and in many cases supplied medical masks, gloves and in some cases hand sanitizer, the last one in many cases unfortunately cannot be shipped to many locations as it has alcohol content which can be classed as flammable.


SLAC Precision Equipment Co. is engaged in the design and production of high-end equipment sets sold in global markets. The company has a registered capital of RMB 3 billion, a group of research, development and design personnel of 112, and has obtained several patents. It was certified to be the ‘high and new technological enterprise’ in 2008. The company was successfully listed on Growth Enterprise Market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on 29 January 2014.

SLAC is the most comprehensive and dependable supplier of can and end lines from Asia to America. SLAC’s recently expanded product offerings combine the experience of industry leaders OKL, Intercan and Corima to deliver complete sets of high-speed easy open end (EOE) systems, can production equipment, image detection systems and expert research, design and assembly.

With more than 500 combined years of can making industry experience, SLAC delivers a total commitment to quality and service for clients around the world.

Chris McKenzie
Chief Operating Officer, International
Chief Marketing Officer
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