Message from: IMETA

Date: 26 March 2020


I would like to report you about the COVID-19 evolution here in Italy and IMETA. Many Customers wrote me asking about so I guess to be interesting for the market to have these information.

A more strict lockdown begun here in Italy on Sunday 22/03/20 and many companies are closed (I would say 70% about).

On the other hand, Food processing Industry and other critical infrastructure sectors are still open. IMETA, as part of the supply chain for the Food Processors, is still running.

IMETA has put in place all the necessary high hygiene measures to guarantee the health of its 85 employees, collaborators and their families.

Many white collars are doing Smart-Working (I personally go to the office just once a week).

At the end of the day, with very high human efforts, we are keeping the same production capability than in normal conditions.

In the last days, the number of infected people in Italy is slowly decreasing and this is giving some hope. Hopefully, we will be back to work in “normal” conditions soon.

As we use to say in Italy in these days: ANDRÀ TUTTO BENE!



Best regards / Cordiales saludos / Cordiali saluti,

Roberto Baroni  –  Sales Manager