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Autumnal news and achievements

As the evenings draw in and the smell of bonfires fills the air, it can only mean one thing – Autumn is finally upon us. The warmer temperatures of October are a distant memory and any hopes of fending off the seasonal affective disorder lie in tatters.

Who better then to help us with Autumn than romantic poet John Keats. His poem ‘To Autumn’ describes the arrival of Autumn as the ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ – a rather nice way of putting it we think. Autumn is a time for harvest, for bedding down and settling in for the winter. One of the most stunning signs of autumn is the turning of the leaves, during winter there is not enough light for photosynthesis to occur so as the days shorten throughout autumn the trees begin to close down their food production systems.

Much like the tree cycle, the industry would usually have started to show some signs of slowing down by now as we get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas – this however seems to not be the case!

On the Ball

Congratulations this week to the Ball finance team who acted as ‘One Ball’ and completed a very difficult and challenging SAS inspired obstacle course.  A great achievement and a fantastic way to approach wellbeing workplace initiatives whilst working as a team – something i’m sure we can all take note of!

An interesting snippet in the news section reports that the ‘Metal Recycles Forever’ logo has ranked top when it comes to clarity for consumers. As consumers continue to look for ways to be more sustainable it’s great that the industry is being recognised for their efforts.

We are already reserving our table-tops and flights for the shows next year. Latamcan is our first sponsored show and we’re looking forward to seeing you all there.  If you need details go to www.latamcan.com and sign up before it’s too late.

Keep on Tweeting

Thank you for all of the information you continue to send us, particularly on social media. It’s a fantastic way for us to get ‘hot of the press’ updates and to share your news instantly.  Please follow us!

The next few weeks in the UK will see election fever ramp up (think of us!). Whatever happens we will be here continuing to bring you news and keeping you informed.



Thank you for your support.

Janis Osborn


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