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June Issue 153 – Comment

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The launch of the newly developed Canmaking News at Metpack 2017


All in all, May was a hectic month for us at Canmaking News, what with the METPACK Exhibition in Essen in early May and the IMDA Conference in Chicago in late May, not to mention the late nights and early mornings and all the time in-between working hard with designers and techies to get our new website up and running smoothly. Anyone who’s been involved with the setting up of an interactive, responsive and dynamic website will know what an uphill challenge this can be, so we hope you all appreciate the new site and forgive us for any technical glitches you might have experienced; like life and the canmaking industry, it’s a work in progress, and with optimism, forward thinking and a willingness to embrace change things can only get better!

We welcomed our tired ‘roving reporters’ back from the International Metal Decorators Association (IMDA) Conference in Chicago on the 29th of last month, heavily armed with the key points and photos from their time there, and you’ll read about all about it in this issue’s Feature. The overall themes of the Conference were innovation and technology, welcoming change and working together to combat the real threats to canmaking, which are non-metal packaging businesses using alternative materials.

Daniel Abramowicz, Chief Technology Officer for Crown Holdings, gave the Keynote Presentation where he exhorted the industry to embrace more fully digital printing for metal packaging and we’ll give an overview of that topic in this month’s World News, which we’ll follow up with an in-depth Feature in a later issue. Dr Abramowicz also discussed other innovative technologies of Crown and we cover those in this month’s IMDA Feature. You’ll also find an update and feedback from the METPACK Fair, Messe Essen in early May.

There are plenty of articles in the News in Brief and World News sections and, as always, Can People; cameos of men and women who are making a difference in the industry, whether they are quietly beavering away behind the scenes or have a more conspicuous presence.

And finally,

We had a great day out at the London Wine Fair recently and as we know ‘Summer in a Can’ is bang on trend. Here is a pic of  Sparkling Pinot Grigio in a can designed by Ball. I am told by the promoters that this has only just hit the shelves in the UK.  It will be seen of course at Festivals. Look out for it!

Janis Osborn

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