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February Issue 149 – Comment

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Heart-warming news and events

In this issue we have a report on the recent Aerosol Show in Paris. The organisers have informed Canmaking News that the attendance figures for this year were up 7.5% totalling 6,445 visitors. We wish Easyfairs continued success. Latest news and awards are in the features section. We look forward to their next show in New York in September.

The ‘Heart’ of Canning

Iron Heart Canning logoWe also report on the New Hampshire based Mobile Canner, Iron Heart, who has taken over the North Carolina US based ‘Land of the Sky’ Canning, expanding further its ‘aluminium empire’.

It’s good to see businesses expanding in these challenging times.

Metal Packaging is a heartfelt business and having been involved for over 20 years in this industry, progress continues.


February 14th

Valentine canSo, this brings me to Valentine’s Day which is on the 14th February.

We are supposed to wear our hearts on our sleeves and declare our undying love and affection for a partner or potential partner. It’s the 45th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar, and a historical event which first became associated with romantic love within the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the 14th Century.

Not all countries celebrate this. However, at the moment with the global uncertainty that we seem to be experiencing let’s embrace this date and spread the ‘love’!

A little bit of this could make all the difference!



And finally…

Valentine canWe look forward to seeing you at ChinaCan in March. Full details are on the events page.

It will be a successful show and Canmaking News as sole media partner will cover the event.

Janis Osborn

INX International
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